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Moving on to saving livelihoods-

the Government’s plan to deal with COVID period debt 

On 15 June 2021, the Prime Minister announced an extension to the date for the easing of all remaining restrictions to 19 July 2021, described as a “terminus” date. Various temporary measures implemented by the Government since the start of the pandemic to protect businesses from eviction and winding up were due to expire on 30 June 2021s. In order to align ongoing restrictions with economic support for businesses, the Government has extended those temporary measures. More notably, and as discussed in this Article, the Government has announced proposals it intends to implement this parliamentary session to deal with rent liabilities that have accrued since the start of the pandemic. These rent liabilities are now at unprecedented levels and pose a serious threat to the recovery of many sectors of the economy. The Government’s proposals are a welcome development: they provide a further means, alongside other formal restructuring and insolvency tools, of addressing the debt-bubble and avoiding the tsunami of business failures and job losses that are feared once the moratorium comes to an end.