Moss/Fletcher Distinguished Lecture

South Square along with The School of Law, Makerere University and the International Insolvency Institute is pleased to announce the Moss/ Fletcher Distinguished Lecture on the Cape Town Convention and Implications for Secured Transactions Law Reform in Africa. This online event will take place on Wednesday 10th November at 11:00am (GMT).

Sir Roy Goode is the key note speaker for this event. He will be joined by Fidelis Otitah QC, South Square, will be speaking on a panel with Professor Reghard Brits, University of Pretoria, Chief Anthony Anthony Ikemefuna Idigbe, Punuka Attorneys and Solicitors, Kabiito Karamagi, Ligomarc Advocates.

The 2001 UNIDROIT Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (the Cape Town Convention) and its equipment specific Protocols, is considered one of the most important private commercial law conventions. The protocols cover security interests in aircraft objects, railway rolling stock and space assets. 2019 saw the adoption of the Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment (the MAC Protocol). Implementing the Cape Town Convention framework may directly impact the economies of developing countries. Another consequence flowing from the introduction of the Cape Town Convention framework is to provide for a broader outlook towards secured transactions law reform.

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