Academic publications

Members have written or contributed to the following publications. If you want to find out more or have any questions about them, please contact us here.

Zuckerman on Australian Civil Procedure (2018) by  Adrian Zuckerman , Stefanie Wilkins , Jonathan Adamopoulos, Andrew Higgins, Stephanie Hooper and Alexander Vial.
Company Directors Duties, Liabilities and Remedies (3rd ed.) Edited by Simon Mortimore QC. Contributions by Antony Zacaroli QC, Glen Davis QC, Barry Isaacs QC, Mark Arnold QC, Professor Sarah Worthington, Adam Goodison, Lloyd Tamlyn, Tom Smith, Stephen Robins, Marcus Haywood, William Willson, Hannah Thornley, Georgina Peters and Adam Al-Attar. Oxford University Press, 2017
Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency Edited by Christopher Brougham QC and John Briggs. Sweet & Maxwell, 3 releases per annum.
International Corporate Rescue – special edition 2015

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Corporate Administrations and Rescue Procedures (2017) By William Trower QC, Adam Goodison, Matthew Abraham, Andrew Shaw
Totty & Moss on Insolvency Edited by Gabriel Moss QC. Contributions by Antony Zacaroli QC, Felicity Toube QC, Jeremy Goldring QC, Professor Ian Fletcher QC, Professor Riz Mokal, Adam Goodison and Richard Fisher. Sweet & Maxwell, 3 releases per annum
Cross-border Insolvency (4th ed.) Edited by Richard Sheldon QC. Contributions by Mark Arnold QC, Jeremy Goldring QC, Tom Smith QC, John Briggs, Lloyd Tamlyn, Richard Fisher and Adam Al-Attar. Bloomsbury Professional, 2015
EU Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings (3rd ed.) Edited by Gabriel Moss QC, Professor Ian Fletcher QC and Stuart Isaacs QC Contributions by William Willson, Adam Al-Attar, Robert Amey, Andrew Shaw and Ryan Perkins. Oxford University Press, 2016
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