Mark Phillips QC QC 1999, Called to the Bar 1984

Mark Phillips QC has long experience of helping save businesses and guiding companies and high profile individuals through complex commercial and sporting disputes.  Mark’s clients have included liquidators, directors, sportsmen, sports clubs, the Football League and the Governor of the Bank of England.

Mark is an advocate with 35 years’ experience, 22 of which have been as Silk.  He.  His trial advocacy includes successfully defending the Bank of England against the claim made arising out of its regulation of BCCI (a trial that lasted 2 years) and successfully represented the GT Liquidators in the Saad fraud trial that lasted for 129 days in Court over 12 months.  His current cases include representing Lehman US (LBHI).  He represents Lehmans US in the applications to determine the relative ranking of subordinated debt instruments.

Mark has led or appeared in several cases in the House of Lords and Supreme Court (Lehman’s Pensions appeal; Toshoku Finance, Paramount Airways, Leyland Daf, Sher v Policyholders Protection Board and Bank of England).  Mark’s first appearance in the Court of Appeal was at the start of his practice in 1986 in the ground-breaking case, West Mercia Safetywear v Dodd.

Mark also has an extensive sports law practice.  He was involved in the establishment of the Premier League for the “big 5 clubs” and has appeared at several disciplinary and regulatory hearings.  He prosecuted Manchester City on behalf of UEFA, and Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County on behalf of the Football League.  He has appeared for Lewis Hamilton in relation to several matters including the “Ferrari Gate” hearing (that attracted the headline “QC saves Hamilton”).


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